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Solidworks Roundup: Sustainable Insight Podcast, Configuration Publisher, BuiltWorks 3.1

SolidWorks:HEARD! – Episode 338 – Sustainable Insight
Originally Posted by SolidWorks:HEARD!
This podcast covers the capabilities and features in SolidWorks SustainabilityXpress as well as the tools included in the full suite of Sustainability.  Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Lifecycle Assessment
  • General workflow of SW SustainabilityXpress
  • Utilizing the “Find Similar” material tool
  • Adding and updating the Sustainable materials (requesting too)
  • Differences in Xpress vs Sustainability (full suite)
  • Other sustainability resources

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SolidWorks Configuration Publisher: Taking File Configuration to the Next Level
Originally Posted by Josh Altergott, Solidworks blog
If you have a part or assembly file and it has configurable properties SolidWorks has many possibilities to be able to create those different versions of your file. You can start simple with a few simple configurations, from there you add in Design Tables which allow you to control your configurations with and Excel chart. We are going to take it one step further today and show you how the Configuration Publisher which will allow us to…
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BuiltWorks 3.1 Increases SolidWorks Utility for Plant Design
Originally Posted by Randall Newton, Graphicspeak
Only five months after a major update, SolidACE has released an update to BuiltWorks that provides links to the major plant design software platforms. As one of the leading AEC add-ons to SolidWorks, it provides a way for structural engineers and designers working in SolidWorks to…
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CATIA V5 – How to Compare Similar Parts

by Bill Martin-Otto on 14 May, 2012 in CATIA

Originally Posted by MTM, CAD Tutorials

This is a demo on how to compare products that are similar but not exactly the same. It’s available in the DMU space analysis workbench. CATIA will overlap the 2 parts or assemblies and color code the added material in red and the removed material in green. It’s a great tool when you are looking for a quick way of telling the difference between parts.

NX Weekly Roundup

by Bill Martin-Otto on 11 May, 2012 in NX,Weekly Round Up

roundup nx

NX CAE Tips & Tricks – FEA Workflow Part #3
Originally Posted by Mark Subramaniam, Siemens PLM Software Blog
After a brief tour of the user interface and some essential geometry idealization in Part #1, we meshed the bracket, constrained it, and configured two distinct load cases for evaluation in Part #2. Now comes the real fun – executing the model, and reviewing the results!
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Software Efficiently, Realistically Simulates Composite Wind Turbine Blades
Originally Posted by Allan Wood, President and CEO of AnalySwift
As wind-turbine manufacturers seek additional ways to reduce costs and improve performance, greater focus has turned to improving modeling techniques as a way to reliably predict wind-turbine behavior prior to expensive prototyping and testing. In particular, better-designed wind-turbine blades are more effective and they create significant savings for the tower and drive train, major components in the overall system. In this regard, they reduce the initial and operation costs of the entire system, increasing overall competitiveness.
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Infinite Z Showcases Virtual-holographic 3D Imagery with NX Software at PLM World 
Originally Posted by Infinite Z, Inc.
Infinite Z, Inc.®, a technology provider that enables virtual-holographic 3D imagery to bring designs to life, today revealed a proof of concept demonstration of  NX™ software, Siemens PLM Software’s solution for integrated computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE), running on its zSpace 3D virtualization platform at PLM World® 2012. The collaboration seeks to redefine conceptualization and digital prototyping in industrial design, manufacturing and engineering.
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Lynn Allen Reveals AutoCAD 2013 Tips & Tricks

by Bill Martin-Otto on 3 May, 2012 in AutoCAD


Proof that little things can add up to big performance gains, my friend Lynn Allen at Autodesk just published her latest e-book full of tips and tricks for AutoCAD 2013.

The 36-page PDF file clearly and quickly walks you through some of the most important features in the newest version of AutoCAD, and explains how to take advantage of all the new performance-enhancing options and valuable shortcuts. Read full article »