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PTC: The Need for Design Agility Infographic

by Bill Martin-Otto on 6 Jun, 2012 in Creo

A recent global PTC study on design agility found organizations that can make the often inevitable late-stage design changes quickly and easily—without sacrificing existing design intent— are naturally going to perform better than those that can’t respond with agility. The same has been found true for organizations that can rapidly recognize features and patterns in imported models to enable seamless modifications.

The ability to make direct edits, preserve the intelligence of existing models and apply intelligence to dumb models can yield huge time and cost savings, while helping organizations bring products to market faster.

PTC has created this infographic to showcase the results of the survey. Here are the five challenges that are driving the need for greater flexibility in design.



Let us know how design changes, lost teammates, and having to deal with models made by someone else have impacted your performance on specific projects. Whoever sends in the most harrowing horror story will receive an honorable mention on the blog!

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Creo Weekly Roundup: Everything Creo 2.0

New and Advanced 3D Cross Sections for Creo Parametric 2.0

Originally Posted by Geoff Hedges, Creo
So far, we’ve covered a variety of zippy new enhancements for Creo Parametric 2.0 that up your design speed, intensify your graphics quality, and even simplify the migration of your current behemoth CAD program to our sleek and sturdy Creo 2.0 suite. This week we’ll focus in on Creo Parametric 2.0 and the newest additions to the 3D Section tool.

Not only does the Section tool let you define how and where you want to section your model, but it’s the numerous, real-time enhancements for 2.0 that make this tool so much more useful in making a cross section.
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Creo 2.0 Doubles Design Productivity, Delivers Conceptual Design Gains and Modern Assembly

Originally Posted by Nancy Pardot, Planet PTC Community
Creo 1.0 provided nine integrated purpose-built tools that enabled a much broader design contribution across the enterprise. Creo 2.0 takes another leap forward by delivering user interface enhancements that double design productivity for Pro/ENGINEER users, apps that substantially improve the conceptual design process, and a new role-specific app supporting modular product assembly. Read full article »

Go for the Gold with SolidWorks Software Partners

by Bill Martin-Otto on 30 May, 2012 in SolidWorks

solidworks The upcoming Summer Olympics has inspired me to write a post about the SolidWorks Gold Partner program—and how it can help you deliver some medal-winning performance in your organization.

With more than 50 Gold-certified partners, SolidWorks offers direct access to third-party software solutions that are fully vetted by SolidWorks and represent the highest level of single-window integration.

Using Gold-certified products ensures that all your CAD/CAM software works together using the same design data, and that changes are updated automatically across all applications. The idea is to maximize productivity and improve performance.

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What Performance Gains Will Creo 2.0 Give You?

by Bill Martin-Otto on 23 May, 2012 in Creo


If you’ve been following this blog—or if you’ve read any of my white papers—you know that I’m a big believer in regular software and hardware upgrades. I know there are cynics who think that these are just an excuse for software and hardware manufacturers to make money, but people who think like that are missing out on very valuable performance gains.

Human beings are always progressing—that’s our nature. And, in my experience, the people who dedicate their lives to improving CAD software and hardware—so designers and engineers like us can work smarter and solve bigger challenges—are, for the most part, incredibly sincere. Read full article »

With CATIA’s Help, Blu Homes Makes the Earth Greener

by Bill Martin-Otto on 22 May, 2012 in CATIA


Can innovative design software save the prefabricated home industry? Dennis Michaud, vice president of product development at Blu Homes in Massachusetts, thinks so. He believes CATIA software’s expertise in the aerospace and automotive industries has paved the way for precise applications in the manufactured home building industry. Read full article »