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Good News on the SolidWorks Front

by Aaron Goldberg on 7 Mar, 2013 in SolidWorks

solidworks One of the most popular CAD tools being used today, SolidWorks has benefited from some positive activities in just the last few months.  Some of this revolves around cool new capabilities and the disclosure of new product direction that will help SolidWorks users make the right choices going forward.

In this blog I’ll review some of the most interesting and beneficial happenings around this outstanding product. Read full article »

New CAD Display Technologies to Look Forward to

by Aaron Goldberg on 28 Nov, 2012 in IT

it Visualization of designs and components is the key part of the CAD experience. And the importance of the display technologies that enable this can’t be understated. However, if we look back over the last 15-20 years, there has been precious little disruptive technological change in the displays used for CAD. Sure, we have low cost 3D, and larger screens with incredible resolution. Yet, if you look at the fundamentals, very little has changed.

There are now some very interesting new technologies on the horizon that may change this dynamic and dramatically improve the CAD Experience. There are two that I believe are worth focusing on. Read full article »

Generation Y, The Urge to Design, and the Rise of CAD “Lite”

by Aaron Goldberg on 1 Nov, 2012 in AutoCAD,IT

it autocad There is great risk in making sweeping generalities across a huge swath of individuals, yet, it seems that today’s Generation Y harbors an interesting tendency toward innovation and entrepreneurship that is more pronounced than in other population age groups. Perhaps it’s the success of individuals with their smartphone apps they’ve built, or the new businesses like Pinterest.

However, it’s not just the innovation and entrepreneurship that sets them apart. This generation has seen a rate of technology change faster than any other. So they embrace new products and services rapidly and in large numbers. They expect new, breakthrough, and outside the box products every few weeks! And Gen Y conceive of these new ideas across educational, income, and other demographics. Read full article »

3D Printing Changes the Game

by Aaron Goldberg on 25 Oct, 2012 in AutoCAD


In the “old” days, the gap between design completion and the actual delivery of a physical product was often measured in months, took a large amount of costly resources, and was often the point at which otherwise useful designs would never get to see the light of day.  The cost of prototyping was so prohibitive, that it actually killed good ideas.

That thinking is now as old school as computing via terminal to a mainframe!  3D printers have literally changed the game for prototype delivery, delivery of “one-off” designs, and for “self-production.” I know that’s a whole lot of quotation marks, but we’re dealing with a lot of very new concepts and capabilities that are dramatically changing the final output of what CAD professionals are delivering.  Read full article »

SolidWorks 22-Minute Webinars

by Bill Martin-Otto on 7 Aug, 2012 in SolidWorks

solidworks SolidWorks is taking performance-training webinars down to just 22 minutes in an effort to help today’s time-strapped designers. With a new series of webinars, SolidWorks provides a quick what, why and how for key features.

You can register for the live events, or—if you’re really strapped for time—you can watch the recorded webinars at your convenience. The biggest advantage of the live events is the ability to participate in the QuickPolls they take throughout the presentations. Read full article »