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How Does 3D Printing Work, Anyway? [Infographic]

by Bill Martin-Otto on 2 Aug, 2012 in AutoCAD,IT

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Originally Posted by Matt Silverman, Mashable

Design a pair of shoes on your computer, hit “Print,” and wear them an hour later. If that kind of technology doesn’t blow your mind, you’re dead to me.

The cost of 3D printing technology is finally within the grasp of consumers, and many believe it’s poised to revolutionize commerce. Companies are rushing to get out in front of this new custom marketplace, offering 3D-printed fashion, furniture and even food.

But how does this technology work? What kind of materials does it utilize? And how fast is this industry growing? The folks at have created the visual explanation below. Regrettably, this infographic will only print in 2D — unless you fold it into some sort of origami swan. But that one’s on you.

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Wohlers Report Gives the Whole Story on AM/3D Printing

by Bill Martin-Otto on 31 Jul, 2012 in IT


For the 17th year in a row, Wohlers Associates, Inc. has published its global industry analysis of additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing. It’s hard to believe that the AM/3D printing industry has been something worth reporting on since 1995. And it’s even more amazing that Terry Wohlers, creator of the Wohlers Report, has been involved in the business for more than two decades. Read full article »

Can 140 Characters Really Change the World?

by Bill Martin-Otto on 17 Jul, 2012 in CATIA

catia If the right person enters Dassault Systèmes’ new “IF WE Challenge,” one tweet could change the world for the better. Any individual (not a company) can share his or her world-changing dream by submitting a 140-character statement—in English and starting with “#IFWE”. You can also enter via Twitter, Facebook, etc., but the official contest page is the easiest way to learn about it. Read full article »

CAD and the Need for Design Agility

by Bill Martin-Otto on 10 Jul, 2012 in Creo

PTC recently hired blogger Chad Jackson to write a couple of new eBooks on how to better handle imported models and respond to late-stage design changes. The author more appropriately refers to the short works (4 to 5 pages) as “eTopics,” but they’re loaded with performance-enhancing information and I encourage you to check them out.

CAD and the Need for Design Agility is the first of the pair, and it does a good job explaining why feature interdependencies limit design agility in a major way. It’s kind of a double-edged sword, according to Jackson: On the one hand, design relationships “drive incredibly powerful and intelligent change,” but model maturity can result in “a failure-prone mess.” Read full article »

Injection Molding Simulation Software: How Will It Improve Your Designs?

by Bill Martin-Otto on 27 Jun, 2012 in AutoCAD,SolidWorks

The recent introduction of SolidWorks Plastics got me thinking about which injection molding simulation software would improve user performance the most.

SolidWorks Plastics has an advantage because it’s fully integrated into SolidWorks. The program was actually developed by SIMPOE SAS, a SolidWorks Gold Partner, and therefore offers “single window” convenience to more quickly optimize part and mold designs for manufacturability. Read full article »