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Update on Creo 2.0

by Aaron Goldberg on 20 Mar, 2013 in Creo

creo In 2011, PTC took a self-proclaimed clean sheet of paper to the CAD software business and delivered the Creo solution. This product suite has become fairly popular and has gained substantial interest among CAD developers. Let’s catch up on some of the key goings on with Creo and what that means to CAD professionals.

You’ll find below some of the new features and capabilities that have the broadest impact for CAD Professionals. Of course there are other new extensions and features that may be helpful for your specific design tasks.

Delivery of Freestyle Extension for Organic Shape Modeling

In the course of developing designs, there are models that are very difficult to build based on top of their resistance to standard mathematical design approaches. While there are a number of tools that are available, Creo delivers a free tool in Freestyle that uses the subdivision (SubD) technology that proves much more effective at creating these shapes. Not every CAD Professional needs this capability, but it’s a very interesting technology.

Improved Measurement Function

In many designs, the measurements are critical information that demand more detail and information about what exactly is being measured. This is a strong feature set in Creo 2.0. In addition, two reference measurements, as used for angle measurement, have been provided. This version also allows for additional dimension annotations that are shown to make it crystal clear what precisely is being measured. Another nice feature in this version is the ability to collapse the measurement panel so that the underlying design is easier to see.

Improved Cross-Sectioning

This function can be critically important in any number of design projects and Creo 2.0 has included some important new capabilities that improve this activity. These include; Dynamic Drag allowing you to drag the section plane through the model, Interference Highlighting that shows component interferences in red, Section Surface Color allows you to make the entire cut surface all one color to make geometry stand out, and Free Manipulation to rotate the section plane about the X, Y, or Z axis.

PTC’s Creo 2.0 has created quite a buzz in the market. And the updates and enhancements have provided some pretty cool capabilities that help in both the actual design work and the ability to communicate information about the design.

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