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The Top 5 New Features in CATIA V6R2013

by Bill Martin-Otto on 20 Jun, 2012 in CATIA

catia As you probably know, I’m a big proponent of upgrading your CAD software on a regular basis. Vendors like Dassault Systèmes spend a great deal of time and effort building productivity enhancements into each new release, and CATIA V6R2013 is no exception. I know it can get expensive, but the productivity gains you can achieve by keeping up with the latest CATIA editions can more than make up for the extra cost.

Here are my five favorite features in CATIA V6R2013, along with some thoughts on how they can increase your performance:

1. New CATIA Live Weight

If you’ve ever spent any time trying to explain things to a manager who just doesn’t get it, you’re going to love CATIA Live Weight. Targeted at managers and not-specialist engineers without a full CATIA authoring seat, the feature makes it possible for them to easily track and understand weight, center of gravity and related tolerances on their own. What’s more, they can do it without taking the time required to open individual parts, which can be a huge timesaver with complicated assemblies. And if they need to ask questions or collaborate, they can interface with you directly in the product. The key performance enhancement is that you’re freed up to keep designing, and compliance with weight criteria can be assured at every design stage.

2. New CATIA Live Fastening

Fastening has long been one of the most frustrating engineering tasks, but CATIA Live Fastening makes it possible to create, edit and review fasteners faster than ever. This easy to learn and use workbench even proposes parts to fasten. From a performance standpoint, this feature saves time and reduces errors by enabling designers to focus in 3D.

3. Multi-Discipline Schematics Infrastructure

As complex products become more dependent on different types of engineers, it becomes increasingly important to create an integrated design process from start to finish. With this feature, designers in multiple disciplines, from electrical engineering to hydraulics, can “create Principal and Block schematic diagrams, with specific discipline support, resulting in faster and more compliant deliverables.” Each type of engineer can work with his own set of industry-specific symbols, components and connections.

4. Increased Openness of CATIA Live Compose

The majority of product development work involves modifying the designs of existing products. CATIA Live Compose makes this easier, and “now allows the direct reuse of parts and products stored in other CAD formats without translation.” Being able to collaborate with multiple partners using data sourced from SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Siemens NX, or CATIA V5 saves tons of rework and enables faster decision-making.

5. Reuse of Knowledge and Catalogs

Compliance with internal (and even international) standards for quality, safety and other factors is critical—especially with complex products that incorporate multiple engineering disciplines. With this feature, you can optimize the systems design process with faster systems architecture definition and trade-off studies, using pre-selected sub-systems catalogs and other resources.

Have you upgraded your CATIA to V6R2013? If so, let us know about your favorite features.

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  1. Emmett Ross April 10, 2013 at 10:33 am #

    That CATIA Live Fastening looks awesome! Looks to be much easier to use than the multiple macros I’ve wrote.

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