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AutoCAD Weekly Round-Up: Autodesk 360; DesignScript; CAD Geometry

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Autodesk 360 Moves AutoCAD 2013 to the Cloud
Whether you plan on using it or not, you need to explore Autodesk’s new cloud solution — it will change the way we use AutoCAD. Now that the hype around the AutoCAD 2013 release has subsided a bit, it is time to dig into a new feature that could foretell a big change in how we use and manage our AutoCAD-based products. That feature is Autodesk 360, formerly code-named Autodesk Cloud.
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Robert Aish has been behind many innovative design software solutions including Bentley’s GenerativeComponents (GC). Now at Autodesk he will shortly deliver a new programming environment for AutoCAD to enable design computation.
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Overview of CAD Geometry Comparison Tools
For decades CAD salesmen have been promising to do away with 2D drawings, and to remove barriers to collaboration. But with passing year, we tend to see more roadblocks to communication and collaboration when that work has to be done between users of different CAD software. It is clear that real interoperability solutions are not going to come from the big CAD vendors.
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