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Say Good-Bye to Paper Technician Manuals with Creo Illustrate

by Bill Martin-Otto on 8 Feb, 2012 in Creo

A lot of you are probably too young to remember the classic Xerox commercial with Brother Dominic, who had the copier make short work of documents that the Abbot thought the monk was writing by hand. Well, what the Xerox machine did for Brother Dominic, Creo Illustrate is doing for OEMs that need to produce product manuals for service technicians.

Associatively linked to original CAD files, Creo Illustrate makes it possible to create 3D, interactive and updatable service manuals that can be viewed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

This eliminates print production costs, and allows technicians to call up information on the exact product variant they’re working on, with all of the latest engineering changes included.

Without having to read a lot of text and try to figure out limited 2D drawings, technicians using 3D manuals made with Creo Illustrate can dramatically improve their performance in the field and increase customer satisfaction around your products.

Easily created 3D animations can show technicians how products are disassembled and put back together—without the need for additional authoring and translation expenses. In any language, service technicians typically have a much easier time understanding visual animations than textual descriptions.

Creo Illustrate manuals also make part ordering more accurate and convenient. Technicians can order parts with a simple click, and manual authors can easily provide a service bill of materials (BOM). For example, the alternator in a design BOM may contain hundreds of components. But a Creo Illustrate manual author can reduce it to a single component for the technician. The author can also add items such as tools, glues and lubricants that technicians need but aren’t part of the design documents.

Creo Illustrate was part of the original Creo 1.0 release last year. Let us know if you’ve been using it and how it’s helped you improve the performance of your products in real-life situations.

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