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Will Performance Enhancements Make Creo “Product of the Year”?

by Bill Martin-Otto on 11 Jan, 2012 in Creo


As we all know, Creo 1.0 made quite a splash when it was released in 2011, an update from PRO/Engineer. Way back in February, NASA Tech Briefs chose the new bundle of CAD applications as its “Product of the Month,” and now, as we discussed last week, Creo is going head-to-head with 11 other finalists for “Product of the Year.”

The monthly winners are chosen for “exceptional technical merit and practical value” by the editors of NASA Tech Briefs, which boasts a circulation of 190,000 geared towards design engineers, according to Editorial Director, Linda Bell.

In an interview with PTC’s Geoff Hedges, Bell explains how NASA Tech Briefs helps people like us improve our performance:

 “When the U.S. Congress formed the National Aeronautics & Space Administration in 1958, it mandated in the charter that NASA and its contractors must report to industry any new, commercially-significant technologies developed in the course of their R&D, so that engineers, managers, and scientists could use this valuable information to improve their competitiveness and productivity.”

Readers of NASA Tech Briefs (and people reading blog posts like this one) will help decide which of the monthly picks was the “most significant contribution to the engineering community in 2011,” Bell says. The products receiving the three highest vote totals will be named Products of the Year.

Creo is competing against some other exciting entries, including SolidWorks 2012, which is also featured prominently in the CAD/CAM Performance Blog.

Here’s how Creo is described on the official ballot:

PTC (Needham, MA) announced CreoTM design software, a suite of scalable, interoperable, open product design applications that includes AnyRole AppsTM, providing the right tool for a particular user; AnyMode ModelingTM, a multi-paradigm design platform that lets users design in 2D, 3D direct, or 3D parametric; AnyData AdoptionTM that lets users incorporate data from any CAD system and reuse data from legacy systems; and AnyBOM AssemblyTM that gives teams the ability to create, validate, and reuse information. PTC’s current design software families and associated modules, extensions, and packages are re-branded in alignment with the functional capabilities provided by each product. 

Be sure to view the entire list and vote  for your favorite before the January 20, 2012 deadline. You can also subscribe to NASA Tech Briefs if you haven’t already done so.

Do you think Creo deserves to be Product of the Year? Why or why not? Do you have other ideas for products that should be recognized? What product will get your vote in NASA Tech Briefs contest? Please share your views with the CAD/CAM Performance community and have a high-performance 2012.

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