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Is DraftSight Making Your Life Easier?

by Bill Martin-Otto on 30 Sep, 2011 in SolidWorks


More than 1 million people have downloaded Dassault Systemes’ free 2D CAD software since it was introduced in June of last year. So what do you think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about how DraftSight compares to SolidWorks 2D Editor, since Matthew West, Social Media Manager at SolidWorks has openly stated that “we’re going to let the market decide…DraftSight is seen as the future, but 2D Editor isn’t getting dropped.”

DraftSight is free CAD software for Windows,® Mac,® and Linux® that lets you read, write, and share .dwg and .dxf files.

In an interview on shortly after the software was introduced, Director of DraftSight Aaron Kelley explained that SolidWorks launched the product “to offer people a no cost to low cost 2D CAD solution so that when they decide to move to 3D they will hopefully give us a call.”

When asked about competing directly against AutoCAD, Kelley demurred: “Our goal is to help 2D users solve their problems. If it involves them moving from their current 2D CAD product to DraftSight then so be it. But we are not going all out to specifically target 2D CAD users. Lets just say that if I have to convince an AutoCAD user to buy any of our products, I would recommend SolidWorks or CATIA, not DraftSight.”

Individuals, educational institutions, and companies can all get an annual, standalone license for DraftSight that includes online training materials and free community support, or you can upgrade to a package that includes extra goodies like multiple licenses, phone and email support, and access to DraftSight APIs.

Download your free copy now and let me know how it impacts your performance.

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  1. Allen October 13, 2011 at 6:03 am #

    I like DraftSight, brings up legacy 2d DXF and DWG without a hitch, just have to train it to ignore colors when printing off it. I don’t use it to design, since I’m a modeler, so I can’t comment on its other features.

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